PJD is Dying … Only to be Resurrected Elsewhere



But we’re not taking three days to rise again. Actually we’re available RIGHT NOW! with new material over at http://www.purplejesusdiaries.com. What? I changed the web address on you? Yes I did. Update your bookmarks, yo! Anyway, that’s where we’ll be from now on. It looks super professional and now I can make some money from doing this. For those of you that don’t like it, yeah … sorry. But I do expect the majority of you to make it over there otherwise I’ll be lonely with a bunch of noob-bodies.

Regardless, this site will stay active to redirect people to the new site and also to allow older readers a secret place to continue making fun of new people and for you to keep reading old comments. Or whatever. But yeah, new jokes about genitals over at the new site.

Thanks for reading.

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One response to “PJD is Dying … Only to be Resurrected Elsewhere

  1. gideon

    Yo man, I understand I am relatively new and hence may not hold the right to critique and shit, but what the fuck? I’m totally into you making money off ads, that’s awesome, but what’s up with the wholesale redesign?

    The font sucks,
    The header doesn’t even touch the old one,
    you have fucking Tarvar on it,
    Your headlines are purple which we get more than enough of all the time,
    You’ve incorporated and over done that Yellow/ Purple contrast which makes you look like the other 4,ooo vikings blogs,

    Shit ain’t classy like this one. I think most of us come because we enjoy good english. Not cause we wanna play an arcade game while reading.

    There’s gotta be a way for you to make money and keep the clean look you have here.